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Healthcare's Leading Patient Relationship Platform

LeadingReach is a data-driven, HIPAA-compliant platform equipping providers with the tools to effectively define, manage and measure the four core metrics of patient engagement.

The Four Core Metrics of Patient Engagement

Referral Management - Accountable Transition of Care

Modernize the referral process by enabling providers to effectively facilitate and monitor a better patient hand off. Timely emails, real-time notifications, and a clear, concise dashboard eliminate referral leakage — ensuring continuity of care and optimal patient outcomes.

Pre Appointment - A Better First Impression

Set the tone for a successful visit by delivering relevant information before the appointment. The result? Reduced cancellations and no-shows, shorter wait times, and increased conversion to patient portals and pre-appointment registration.

Patient Education - Improved Health Literacy

Complement valuable face time and reduce healthcare costs by delivering and tracking prescribed educational material. Delivering the right information at the right time increases adherence to treatment plans, improving outcomes, patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Satisfaction and Social Media - Maximize Patient Loyalty

Leverage improved patient satisfaction by delivering surveys and collecting feedback in a convenient and timely manner. This improves practice management, strengthens online reputation, and promotes social media activity.

"LeadingReach has created the ultimate cross-EMR communication system. It engages our patients and engages the offices that refer to us, continually building our reputation as a 21st century, quality healthcare network. When it comes to patient communication and referral management, every EMR comes up short. LeadingReach fills in those communication gaps that EMRs miss: digital referral tracking, cross-EMR communication and large network-wide simplicity. Our nursing staffs and referral clerks love using LeadingReach because it actually makes their jobs easier and more efficient."

Zach Zavoral

Director of Marketing & Communication Little River Healthcare

Aligning Objectives with Your Healthcare Organization

LeadingReach drives optimal outcomes and highest levels of satisfaction with a single dashboard for benchmarking three primary objectives: Improving the Patient Experience, Improving Overall Population Health, and Reducing Per Capita Costs.

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